About Us

About the most trusted men’s tailor of Dubai

We never believe in spending huge amounts on marketing and advertisement as the biggest mode of marketing for us is mouth publicity. When we deliver a quality product to one customer then he will come back to us next time for any kind of dressing requirement due to quality and fitting and send his friends and fellows as well. In this way, our small shop became a fashion hub in the past years and we hope to serve the diversified needs of the masculine gender in upcoming years as well.

Our story is quite simple as it has only two main characters hard work or dedication. And with these two characters, we are satisfying the diverse clothing needs of men’s in weddings, office parties, casual outings etc. Even we have a diverse collection of different accessories, gowns and boxers to add an element of style and perfection in every single piece of cloth in your wardrobe. If you don’t want to believe in our words, Do visit, for once!

The spirit of Whistle and flute

The inspiration for our platform is Mr Shashappa Pujari, who is originally from Bengaluru, India. He started his journey as a tailor in Mumbai in 1992 and acquired sufficient experience in this sector. The most interesting fact about Mr Pujari is that since childhood his vision was clear that he will become a tailor, as his mother wants him to do so. Still, he visits his home town every year to spend some quality time with family members.

Even after spending so many years in Dubai and achieving sky-high success in the fashion world, the lifestyle of Mr Pujari is quite simple. Even today used to follow an age-old routine of breakfast at 8:30 in the morning. By 9:30 he reaches to the shop which is located at Satwa and begins the daily routine of stitching pieces of fabric to the perfection of a suit. He is an ordinary man with extraordinary dedication and class.

The work of Mr Pujari is an example for all those beginners who wanted to begin a carrier in the fashion world. Such kind of experience never encounters in a day. According to Mr Pujari- “it took him around ten years to get perfection in stitching different varieties of Suits.”

The real asset of Whistle and flute is the trust of customers

The list of existing customers includes German, French, American and gentlemen from other parts of the world as well. We try our level best to satisfy all the customers because the trust of the customer is much more important than the profit numbers of our balance sheets. According to Mr Pujari “ If you are able to retain your customer for a long time by offering quality services then no one can stop you from becoming the market leader. It feels great when you get acknowledgement for your hard work and a few words of appreciation that we get from our customers are priceless for us!”