Dressing Gowns

Often people look for some comfortable clothes to wear while lounging around the house. In such a case, Whistle and Flute is the best assistant for you. Our platform offers to tailor all kinds of men's wear. Dressing gowns are also one of their customer favourites. Being in the tailoring business for over a decade, we have mastered the perfect tailoring process to design exactly what you want. Men's wear even though might seem really simple to make, actually is as difficult to tailor as women's wear. That's why it's crucial to choose a tailor that knows exactly what you want. And that's where we come in to assist.

Kinds of dressing gowns we feature

Located in the heart of Dubai, Whistle and flute tailors dressing gowns with as much care as its other garments. Some of the types of gowns they make are:

● Bathrobes
● Footed pyjamas
● Modern dressing gowns
● Nightwear
● Other types of men's loungewear

What makes Whistle and Flute different?

The tailors of this outlet have the experience flown down from generation in stitching clothes. This makes us the best choice to get your dream clothes made from. Creativity is something that is a must to design the perfect wear you want. And that is exactly what we focus on here. Our tailoring work is supported by numerous loyal customers that are using our services from years. A perfectly stitched Dressing gown can provide an optimum level of comfort and coziness and if it is customised according to your body type then it would be a great experience for sure.

Some of the most striking features of this shop are:

● Extensive range of fabrics and styles to choose from
● Endless alterations and fittings provided
● Complete dedication
● Excellent client communication
● Affordable and satisfying service

With so much competition around, we know what exactly the market wants. We take feedback from customers to rectify ourselves. Our team customizes everything so it suits your style precisely. Whistle and flute showcase some of their best designs in the shop to assure you are making the right choice and never hesitate to try out different strategies to get the end product as per your desire. We understand the value of time and strive to not waste it as there is very less chance of defects as each clothing piece is designed with great compassion. New designs are always added to the collection as new demands come from the clients.

Whistle and Flute, being one of the best tailors around Dubai takes their work seriously to provide perfection. We understand fashion and the constant need to make something distinct. Dressing gowns deserve just as much care as any other piece of clothing and that's something we understand very well. It's a must-visit tailor shop if you crave comfort and quality over anything else. Everything can be made fashionable, even something you wear to relax. And that's exactly what this shop shows off. Definitely worth giving a chance for men who value their personal style in anything they wear.