Formal Wear

Whistle and Flute Bespoke Gentlemen's tailor should be your first choice when you are looking for formal wear for men. The brand is known for its made-to-be measure craft that is the best piece fits your body. The suits and other formal wear are made with highly skilled hands that are from several generations deep, painstakingly measuring, cutting and sewing that can change the overall appearance of a man.

Types of formal wear made by us

The place is best to get your formals done in the way you want. We are best at making the following wear for men:

● Formal wear
● Casual wear
● Shirts and suiting’s
● Cotton shirts
● Formal trousers
● Dress coat
● Cuff links
● Boxers
● Gentlemanly requirements
● And other accessories

Best features of the Whistle and Flute Bespoke Gentleman’s tailor

The tailors offer the best outfits that are of great value for money. All you need is to go for a couple of times to get the right fit. But in terms of workmanship and result, we are an excellent choice of tailors. The fabrics that you find at our store is simply amazing that last for a longer time even after many washes. Though the suit material we have is a bit expensive when compared to those of shops nearby, we always want to maintain the quality of work and can assure you to provide complete worth of every single penny spent by you.

The hardest part for getting the garment stitched at this superb tailor is finding the place. What can be the best thing a man can get other than the tailor who makes the best outfit? We are a team expert designers who can stitch a dress that exactly fits you and according to your needs from the fabric you prefer. The overall outcome of the formal wear will enhance your personality.

The outlet of Whistle and Flute boasts about a wide selection of shirt materials that suits the discerning gentleman. And getting back to the sartorial elegance, we are specialists at Hugh Heffner style smoking jackets. This is something that no man should miss his lifetime.

Alteration work

We are also best at making alterations as when you like at free of cost. If you have any age-old suit which is not according to your current body size then you may visit us to get perfect fitting like a newly stitched one.

Cost and other details

The charge of the suit starts from $460 and the fitting er make with the end finishing is worth value for money. What can be the joy of wearing something of good quality that you know will last for a longer time?. We mix tradition and style for the truly modern man with the choice of fabric and design they ask. All you need to do is to plan your style and we will make it perfect for you. Whether its a family wedding or a formal function you can visit us for any occasion to get something special.