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Welcome To Whistle and Flute

If you want to experience the perfect fitting of the exclusively tailored suit then you should visit Whistle and Flute Bespoke Gentlemsn’s Tailor, Dubai. Here you will find experts of men’s wears to redefine your style. It is a place to create your style statement in the way you want. You may think that one can get ready-made clothes from any shop in quick time then what’s the need of tailor? Well, you need a tailor-

● To stitch clothes as per your body shape
● To get suites and shirts stitched according to your comfort
● To exercise the privilege of selecting the fabric as per your comfort
● To reflect your real personality as a complete man

The directory meaning of word fashion is a popular trend, something which is adopted by a large number of people but if you want to create a difference you should not follow others indeed must have your own style statement. And what can be a better choice than a personal tailor for a customised dressing? A tailor first observes your body type – Weather you are obese, thin or fit then try to design such a dress material that can hide your obesity or thinness but if you have a perfect physique then tailor designs such a cloth that can highlight your every single muscle. When an expert designer, designs a dress according to your body type from the fabric of your choice then it will definitely help you to enhance your overall personality. Although every man has worn a pretty much fitting suit in his life, not every man has owned a real tailor. If you want to experience a perfect fitting of the formal wear from an exclusive tailor, then you must visit Whistle and Flute.

Our Services

Suits & Fine Suitings

We are the providers of tailoring services in Dubai. Our services are aimed not only at satisfying your expectations and demands but beforehand helping you know what you really expect from us. As we specialize in the world of tailoring we are among...

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Shits & Cotton Shirting

The pleasure of getting something that is made out of your measurements and with the fabric of your choice is the one that every man expects. As everyone knows, crisp classic shirting is superfine for every age group so if you are looking for Shits...

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Formal Wear

Whistle and Flute Bespoke Gentlemen's tailor should be your first choice when you are looking for formal wear for men. The brand is known for its made-to-be measure craft that is the best piece fits your body. The suits and other formal wear are made...

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Boxer Shorts

No matter how stylish your outfits are, it is impossible to wear discomfort clothes that are close to your skin. You cannot overlook the innerwear just because they are hidden out of sight indeed you have to give the same attention as you do for your...

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Dressing Gowns

Often people look for some comfortable clothes to wear while lounging around the house. In such a case, Whistle and Flute is the best assistant for you. Our platform offers to tailor all kinds of men's wear. Dressing gowns are also one of their customer...

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Casual Wear

Finding a nice casual thing to wear is such a tough job for guys in every part of the world. The ladies have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to clothes. But it's not the same for men. Even men desperately want to showcase their style...

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A unique style for every man

In this world of utmost luxury and comfort clothing is not a necessity anymore; in fact, it is a way of showcasing your class, perfect physique and standard of living. In short, you may say that people get dressed up to showoff! At Whistle and Flute, we are carrying a legacy of supreme comfort and utmost satisfaction. Our team has three expert tailors who blend the experience of years to create a magnificent attire to enhance your personality by showcasing all the attractive elements of your physique and hiding all not so attractive elements at the same time. If your shoulders are not too wide or if have a fat belly which makes you feel awkward quite a while then you may visit us for ones to get a perfect designer suit or a best-fitting formal shirt to feel confident and enhance your overall personality.


Get your old suits altered according to current body structure

Suits are considered as the most durable garments, they can serve you for years if you pay sufficient to the maintenance but if you put on or lose some weight then it will create trouble. We know very well, that reducing weight is not that simple so what are the options? You can seek some reliable tailors to alter your age-old suite as per your current size. But most of the well-known tailors refuse to do alteration work as it is not that simple. At Whistle and Flute, we never refuse to take alteration work as profit-making is not the prime motive of our business.

Best outfit by the Whistle and Flute Bespoke Gentlemen’s tailor for every occasion

Be it for a date, or a night out or just a get-together, we have a look for every special occasion of your life. We believe in creating clothing that emphasizes your style. Our men understand that each individual has his own style and fashion choice and we keep that in mind while designing. We focus a lot on getting all the measurements and other details correctly. This way we avoid a lot of mistakes that most other tailors make at the very beginning.

While selecting a trailer!

Every single person has its own preferences regarding the clothes so before selecting a particular designer or tailor to design his or her dress one needs to be careful. When you spend a huge amount of money and energy on selecting fabric and design of your choice then you cannot trust on any newcomer tailor to stitch the suit as inexperienced hands may lead to disastrous consequences. If the tailor does not have sufficient experience of stitching than the material gets wasted. Hence it is very important for you to select the right person to stitch your suits. What are those important points that one should consider for selecting a tailor? The answer is -

● He must have sufficient experience in the relevant field
● He uses quality materials for stitching
● Familiar with current market trends
● Available for alterations
● Must understand different body types and design dress material according to the body structure

And all these qualities are available, at your favourite whistle and Flute tailors in the most affordable prices.

Best finishing in most affordable prices

The biggest difference that you may notice at whistle and Flute is the quality of material and perfection of stitching. Mr. Shashappa Pujari who is led the foundation stone of this unique fashion hub never compromises on the quality aspect of the clothing. We always try to offer the most affordable options to the common men. We are different from others because-

● You can get a perfectly designed suit from our platform just in $460.
● One can visit our shop in between 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.
● We are open six days of the week, except Friday.
● You will only get experienced technicians on our platform.
● Apart from formal suits and shirts, we are best known to provide quality accessories, boxer shorts, bathrobes and causal wears for men.

So why are you waiting for? Just give a quick call on +971-4-342-9229, to fix your appointment with the best tailors of Dubai.